SAT/ACT Practice Test Instructions

Respecting your time and money, we want to develop a program that best meets your needs so you only pay for the tutoring you need. To develop the best recommendation, we advise taking a full practice test prior to beginning your tutoring program.


You can sign up and take a full practice SAT test on the Khan Academy site for FREE. Once you have taken the test, you can share your results with us. Go to the Khan Academy “coaches” tab from your Profile. In the “Add a Coach” field, enter the class code: 5H2ACD9F.

If you prefer not to take an SAT practice test, we will accept the results of a PSAT test taken at your school. Please email your complete PSAT test results to us at


There are several options for taking a practice ACT at a center or online at a site such as the ACT Academy. Once you’ve taken a practice test and have your results, please email the complete report to us at