One-hour, personalized academic coaching sessions offered online and on-demand to improve your core-course GPA and test scores


A simple and proven way to boost your academic performance to ensure academic eligibility

On Your Schedule

One-hour sessions available on weeknights and weekends around your practice and game schedule so you can select at time that works best for you.

From Any Location

Our SCORE coaches are available for you no matter where you travel for camps, combines or tournaments. All you need is an Internet connection and a laptop computer.

Individualized Attention

Students can upload their homework, study guides or papers so sessions can be personalized and coaches can directly address specific questions and meet the student's unique learning needs.

You have the stats and the skills,

but do you have the grades and test scores?

Get your personalized eligibility assessment to find out.

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How it works...

We invite you to take a look at one of our live tutoring sessions to see how our coaches interact with our student-athletes via a two-way video, chat and our interactive whiteboard.

$55Individualized one-hour sessions for students in grades 6-12 in English, Math, Foreign Languages and ScienceGET STARTED

Satisfied Customers

"After doing sessions with SCORE to prepare for the ACT, my son made the honor roll! I grabbed and hugged him so hard, I even cried. Don't ever stop what you're doing for these kids. It's paying off. We owe it to all of you!"Kevin Dillion • Parent
"We've partnered with SCORE to help athletes to prepare for the SAT/ACT as well as core classes. They are doing a great job. A great fooball player is fighting to get a qualified SCORE on the SAT/ACT and this young man is getting it done and he loves the opportunity he has been given through SCORE."Coach Ron Anzevino •
"SCORE has been phenomenal in more ways than one. SCORE provides exceptional tutors who are available to fit into the very demanding schedule of the student-athlete. For our student-athlete who needs flexibility in his schedule, SCORE has definitely been there for us and has truly been a game-changer."Kevin & Renita Jenkins • Parent

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